Ontune Audiology
OnHealthcare Audiology Services

OnHealthcare focuses on serving the Audiology needs of Residents in long-term care settings.
Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for your Residents and maximize functional hearing so that
the Resident may maintain as much independence as possible.

We’re There for You
OnHealthcare Audiologists will complete a comprehensive on-site diagnostic hearing assessment for your Residents when recommended by their Attending Physician. OnHealthcare utilizes state of the
art technology to assist in diagnosing and treating your Resident’s needs effectively.

Sounds Like a Plan

If a Hearing Instrument is recommended, OnHealthcare will receive appropriate consent, order
the instrument, and provide necessary adjustments and maintenance.

Electronic Health Records

OnHealthcare uses state of the art electronic health records to document all patient encounters.
This allows for clear, concise reports for the Resident’s facility chart. All consult reports are printed and
left the same day of our visit at your facility.


OnHealthcare accepts Medicare, Medicaid and secondary insurances and completes all of the direct billing. We provide 24/7 “on call” services for your facility. Our Doctors and staff will provide In-Service Training for your Facility Staff at your request. We understand the importance of providing a compassionate care system that reduces the burden on Nursing Homes when it comes to providing care for your Residents.

OnHealthcare schedules consistent visits to your Facility including Emergency care for Residents who have immediate needs.
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