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Cerumen (more commonly known as earwax) impaction affects greater than one-third of the elderly and cognitively impaired. Impaired cognitive function in the elderly may prevent them from recognizing hearing loss or other symptoms and may also impair their ability to bring symptoms to the attention of care givers. Studies have shown that elderly patients admitted to Nursing Homes have relatively high levels of cerumen impaction and significant hearing loss. Seniors with hearing loss are also significantly more likely to develop dementia over time than those who retain their hearing.

Studies have shown that patients with hearing aids should be examined regularly for cerumen impaction because the impaction may cause feedback, reduce sound intensity or damage the hearing aid.

OnHealthcare will provide Ear Exams to your Residents to remove impacted cerumen to reduce the risk of problems associated with cerumen impaction when recommended by their Attending Physician. OnHealthcare uses state of the art electronic health records to document all patient encounters.


OnHealthcare accepts Medicare, Medicaid and secondary insurances and completes all of the direct billing. We provide 24/7 "on call" services for your facility. Our Doctors and staff will provide In-Service Training for your Facility Staff at your request. We understand the importance of providing a compassionate care system that reduces the burden on Nursing Homes when it comes to providing care for your Residents.

OnHealthcare schedules consistent visits to your Facility including Emergency care for Residents who have immediate needs.

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